Short Story Collection Available Now!

Development Times Vary, my debut Short Story Collection, Winner of the 2021 Moon City Press Short Fiction Prize was Published in November 2022 and is available from the press and booksellers.

I’m blown away by the raves! Here are just a few.

Development Times Vary is a rich and layered collection of stories by one of my favorite writers on the planet. Here, we’re treated to the full range of Michele Finn Johnson’s mastery, to stories full of heart and wit and insight. These stories feature an array of characters at various stages of life, navigating the glories and devastations of girlhood and womanhood and all brought to vivid, crackling life via Johnson’s indelible voice and assured pen. How lucky we are to have such a stunning writer in our midst, to have all these brilliant stories in one place.”

~Kathy Fish, author of Wild Life: Collected Works

“Things don’t ever straighten themselves up on their own,” Michele Finn Johnson writes in her hilarious and heart-felt debut collection, Development Times Vary… no matter the structure or size, they are pitch perfect studies in comedic timing, startling meditations on faith and ache and want and family, dynamic shimmers of truth; they are love stories every last one of them.”

-Sara Lippmann, author of Jerks

“Sharply observant children who see the people in their orbit with a bird’s-eye view; teenagers who ache to be seen; lessons about ants, bats, and lunar facts; dead who tend the living; a slew of shitty boyfriends; and lust, lust, lust: these are a few of the ingredients of which Michele Finn Johnson’s Development Times Vary is made. Wise and poignant and companionable, these are stories I wish I could send as love letters to my thirteen-year-old self and, well, my twenty-something selves and my thirty-something selves, too.” —Michelle Ross, author of They Kept Running