Awards & Nice Nods

When I was in grade school, I won the science fair three years in a row. My Dad was a chemist, and of course he “lightly coached” me through rates of diffusion and osmosis experiments. Totally normal topics for a 6th grader, no? Anyway, the point is, it’s always nice to receive an acknowledgment, and even better when it’s for your own ideas! I still love those dusty science fair trophies, though…



My flash fiction, “Santo Spirito, 1577” was selected for The Best Small Fictions 2019 anthology (Sonder Press).

Runner Up for 2017 Birdwhistle Prize in Short Fiction, Noble / Gas Quarterly

SmokeLong Quarterly, Finalist for 2016 Kathy Fish Fellowship

Martindale Literary Award, 2012

AWP Introduction to Journals Award, Nonfiction, 2001


Roundtable interview with Longleaf Review and fellow writer, Tommy Dean.

19 Rounds with Michele Finn Johnson, Interview with Split Lip Magazine

Tommy Dean granted me one of his coveted mini-interviews, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Weird Words, Interview with the Editors of Pidgeonholes Magazine

Smoke and Mirrors, An Interview with Michele Finn Johnson for SmokeLong Quarterly

BackStory: Five Questions with Michele Finn Johnson with FlashBack Fiction


Grafton Hill” was nominated by Lost Balloon for a Pushcart Prize!

If a Heart Beats in the Nursing Home and No One’s There to See It, Did It Ever Really Beat at All?” was nominated for Best Microfictions 2018 by Vestal Review

Santo Spirito, 1577,” nominated by FlashBack Fiction, was selected for inclusion in The Best Small Fictions 2019.

Lovely writeup and analysis of the structure used for my micro-essay, “Wallpaper Eulogy,” by Sophie van Llywen in TSS Publishing. This piece was published by the awesome DIAGRAM.

Word Search,” was nominated by jmww journal for a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net 2017

The Erratic Flight Patterns of Bats,” was nominated by The Adroit Journal  for Best Small Fictions 2018

Born Again,” was nominated by Lost Balloon for a Pushcart Prize, Best Small Fictions 2018, and  Best of the Net 2017

Save Us From Extinction,” was nominated by WhiskeyPaper for Best Small Fictions 2018

House Rules,” published by Split Lip Magazine, was selected for Wigleaf’s 2016 Top 50 Longlist and nominated for Best of the Net 2017

Ploughshares Blog, “The Best Short Story I Read in a Lit Mag This Week: “Lunar Facts” by Michele Finn Johnson.”

School Lessons” was runner-up for the Birdwhistle Prize for short fiction.

Finding Neutrinos,” was nominated by Flyway Journal for Best of the Net 2016

Adopting Mercy,” was nominated by Bartleby Snopes for Best of the Net 2016

The Mathematics of Aunt Dolly,” was selected for Wigleaf’s 2016 Top 50 Longlist

DJ’s Addictions” was selected for Wigleaf’s 2015 Top 50 Longlist

My Hobart story, “Three is a Rational Number, ” is recommended reading in the Book Riot Blog.

Nice write-up in Short Fiction Fix Blog: How to Keep a Boy