Creative Non-Fiction

I used to think I’d never write non-fiction, because, well–gah! It’s so dang personal! But what else am I supposed to do with these rattling life stories?


“The Life-Long List of Lies that I’ve Told You,” forthcoming in Longleaf Review

“Silent Impacts,” Colorado Review, Spring 2017 (print only)

Wallpaper Eulogy,” DIAGRAM

“Goose Farm,” Mid-American Review, Volume XXXVI, Number 2, 2016  (print only)


Finding Neutrinos,” Flyway: Journal of Writing & Environment, 2016  *Nominated for Best of the Net 2016

My Boy-Infested Neighborhood (1964-1977),” Split Lip Magazine

“Empires,” featured in the anthology, “Fracture: Essays, Poems, and Stories on Fracking in America.” (print only)


Liner Notes from Detroit,” Pidgeonholes

“The Saints and Sinners of St. Pius X,” Puerto del Sol (print only)

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