Saint Pius X Class of 1977 Grade School Reunion

As I leave Philly this weekend, I can’t help but think that the SPX grade school reunion Saturday night was a true highlight of the trip.  What a great looking group of peeps!  And better yet, what a really nice group of peeps.  Some musings…I want to send a thank you card to John McCann’s wife and/or therapist.  He squeaked out an apology for being a complete dick to me in grade school, and thereby righted eight-years of wrong-doing and thirty+ years of my hating him from afar.  Sister Prune would be proud.  I learned things about Paul Piccari and his magical “skills” that I will certainly try to forget.  Thanks to Gina D. for laughing along!  Paul does rock, though, let’s face it.  Tommy Fam is still my favorite.  Sorry Bob.  I’m starting a rumor that Pasquale Fabrizio is living under an I-95 overpass with Tommy Cunningham.  Pass it on.  Donna Drew looks like she could seriously kick some ass.  If things went awry with John McCann, that was my Plan “B”.  Paul McCreesh stole my award for “traveled the furthest,” but offered to give it to me.  He always was a gem of a guy.  Joe Risi and Michael LoBiondo may tie for damned nicest guys to ever graduate SPX.  One of them is single, ladies!  Seriously loved learning about your life, Joe.  You may rock more than Piccari.  I never stopped to consider what it must have been like for a really nice, really pretty girl named Terry Schnepp to join us so late –8th grade.   Terry, I really enjoyed catching up with you, even though my bladder went from 82 to 99.8% full during our chat!!!  Rose (what happened to the Anne?) Useller, you are an amazing lady! I love your life attitude and wish I lived closer so that we could hang out. Bob G. remains a mystery to me.  Talking to him still feels like flirting, so I sort of avoided him—Sorry Bob!  Next time!  Who the hell was the pony-tail guy hitting on Mary McKenna?  Should I have saved her?  Mark Wagner is the total package—smart, funny, great smile.  He’ll be remarried before our next reunion.  Kathy Bart and Mary Kay are still shorter then me.  Whew.  Kathy was the first face I saw in that crowded bar, and she instantly made me happy!  Love you, Kath!  Joe(y) Herm —I think he dropped the “y” and it’s hanging out with Rose Useller’s “Anne,” Pasquale and Tomm(y) C under the I-95 overpass.  Burt Lawley is a truly passionate dude.  Burt, I want to read your writing—seriously.  Lori (missing Anne #2) Petras finally left St. Pius!  If you heard people say that you look exactly like your mom, that rumor was started by Donna.  Don’t confront her, or she’ll squash you like a stink bug.  Donna, Kim Swick and Nellie Rafferty could be the new Charlie’s Angels.  Bobby Fam could probably make that happen.  Shawn Campbell—why the hell did I think you left us and went to St. Annie’s—sorry about that!!  And thanks for getting me back in touch with the ’77 gang.  Eileen Mason is the Stevie Nicks of our class…whirled in and out like a gypsy.  Lisa LeClair has been genetically altered to look better than ever.  Lisa- you are still a really nice badass!!!  Kevin Kelly, Michael P. and Lori Seifert—my brain obliterated you guys from its memory.  I blame Captain Morgan and the entire period from 1981-1993.  Richie T. is the skinniest chubby kid I’ve ever seen.  Jackie G. was dipped in preservative–I’m jealous.  And who remembered how tall she was (OK, every one was tall compared to Kathy Bart, Mary Kay, and me.  except for maybe Deva M (where is she???).  Larry Miller’s life report card should read “exceeded expectations.”  My mom still thinks you’re cute, Larry, for what that’s worth!   Thanks for organizing the shindig.  I won’t wait 30 years to attend another one, I swear!!!  We “were” the youth of Saint Pius X, loyal, courageous and bold…


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Michele Finn Johnson’s work has appeared in Colorado Review, Mid-American Review, Hobart, DIAGRAM, The Adroit Journal, SmokeLong Quarterly, and elsewhere. Her work appears in The Best Small Fictions 2019 and has been nominated several times for a Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net, and Best Small Fictions. Michele currently serves as Fiction Editor at Split Lip Magazine. ​ Follow @m_finn_johnson and
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  1. Mark Wags says:

    Thank you for the post. What a great time and real nice read. Have a blue moon on me.

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